Handcrafted Wine & Wine Tasting in Oakland, California

For a truly unique, handcrafted wine, come to Irish Monkey Cellars in Oakland, California. After your first wine tasting, you'll absolutely need your own bottle. Some wines are readily available to purchase, while others are made in limited quantity, like our Captains Table and Bos'n's Mate dessert wines. Visit our urban winery for tastings Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.


Many grapes and styles of red wines can be found at Irish Monkey Cellars. We've even created and trademarked our own variety, dubbing it Syrbec. Traditional tastes include:

• Sangiovese     • Merlot     • Cabernet Franc
• MerBec          • Syrah      • Cabernet Sauvignon
• SyrBec           • Primitivo


Find unusual white wine that is dry or sweet. We feel our white wines capture the pure flavor of early-summer green grapes. You'll find:

• Viognier     • Chardonnay     • Sauvignon Blanc

Contact us in Oakland, California, to learn more about our handcrafted wine selections.


White Wines

2008 Torrente’s – III    Lodi btl $15

Winemaker’s notes:

This wine has a very delicate straw color. Aromas of fresh flowers, kiwi and jasmine with citrus notes of lime and grapefruit are followed by flavors of roses, nectarine and orange zest. On the palate, there is a floral entry that is delicate, soft and coating leading to an elegant, persistent finish.

Complex and graceful, this is a wonderful match for delicate fish and shellfish, Nicosia salad, polenta and Asian fusion cuisine.

Alcohol by volume: 13.5%

Critical acclaim:

"Bright, pale yellow. Very pure, perfumed aromas of ginger, licorice, rose petal and brown spices. Concentrated, supple and ripe, with impressive sappy intensity to the flavors of spices and fresh herbs. Builds nicely on the back half, finishing with lovely saline persistence and chewy grip."

The third and most aged Torrente’s - again with wildly aromatic green summer grapes aroma, good balance and easy 9.5% alcohol.   

2008 Fume Blanc  III    El Dorado btl $18

Medium-light yellow color; attractive, forward, intense, grassy varietal aroma with notes of ripe melon, kiwi, and citrus; medium-full body; rich, grassy, slightly tropical, citrus and honeydew melon flavors with good depth and a slightly creamy, silky mouthfeel; well balanced; crisp finish; lingering aftertaste. Very highly recommended.

 it a winner with globe veggies, shellfish and turkey.

2012 Chardonnay – III   Alexander Valley btl $22

Chardonnay really hit its prime when it was grown in California, however. Its popularity has grown immensely in the past forty years, to where it is now the most popular white wine available. Winemakers love Chardonnay because the vines are easy to grow, and have a high yield. Wine drinkers love Chardonnay because of the wide variety of flavors it can take on. Depending on where it's grown and how it's fermented, Chardonnay can taste semi-sweet or sour, heady or light. Typical flavors are apple, tangerine, lemon, lime, melon, and oak. Also, Chardonnay is not a "rich man's drink". A surprisingly good chardonnay can cost under Chardonnay is usually dry, and goes best with poultry or seafood, like lobster or scallops. It can even go well with a light red meat dish. Good cheeses for Chardonnay include Gruyere, Provolone, and Brie.

2008 Viognie - III   Contra Costa btl $24

Enticing aromas that are strikingly similar to Viognier, with hints of peach pit, flowers, and orange citrus fruit. On the palate, it has a beautiful structure and acidity along with enticing fruit flavors that keep you coming back for another sip and plenty of body for a wine that shows such delicate aromas and flavors. Fruity, floral and yet still quite dry, this wine has to be tasted to be believed. Best enjoyed in its youth either by itself, or as a wonderful partner with smoked meats, mild to medium-strong cheeses, and seafood. Great partner for spicy food and Thai as well. “The magnificent "distillation-of-Summer", aromas of violets, green pastures, elegant oak finish.  Off-dry and just perfect with spicy food.

Oaktown Vineyard’s - Bill McFerren's

2009 Vino di Tavola Rosso   Oakland Hills btl $24

A magnificent field-blend made from the 50 plants on the sunny side of Bill's hillside backyard off 98th Ave.  Pinot + Cab Franc +... goodness 


2007 Bodaeceia SILVER – ‘10sfCron   Bordeaux btl $55
Layers of complex rich flavor, deep peppery notes on a solid vanilla/oak finish.  Elegant, powerful, sturdy & profound


2007 Cabernet Sauvignon   Napa –Tudal btl $49

The other classic" for Cabernet - fruity, cherry-berry, complex and vanilla / oaky. The over 50 year old Tudal vines produce only a few tons of grapes - we're lucky to offer this!

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Triple GOLD – 10SF CRON   Carneros Dixion Ranch btl $49 Astoundingly complex, full and rich. This beauty will stand up to virtually any savory menu, or sumptuously on its own!

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon- Flore   Flore Vineyard btl $49

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon- Complete   btl $36

2007 Chateaux du Lovall   btl $32 

The OLD VINE fruit, sitting right next to Silver Oak's cab, bursts in the mouth with sweet-tart flavor, huge aroma and magnificent tannin. The OLD VINE fruit, sitting right next to Silver Oak's cab, bursts in the mouth with sweet-tart flavor, huge aroma and magnificent tannin. 

Red Wines

2009 Merlot-III Ivan off Estate (Nape) btl $25

A 100% Lovall Valley (Napa) vintage - classic flinty flavors, full mouth-feel, farmer, nurtured amazing fruit from of the Lovall Valley. The elevation, soils, and gentle breezes gracing small acres of steeply Merlot provide the perfect conditions for the varietal. The result is sublime, starting with the deep saturated purple color. The nose comes to life with rose petals, browned meats, spices, and black cherries dipped in chocolate. The palate is lush with cassis and blackberry flavors, with nuances of fresh herbs and black pepper, plus fine dusty tannin. The rich flavors and tannin extend deep into the finish, turning to subtle notes of leather and pipe tobacco that seem to go on forever. Complex, if all merlot tasted like this...

2009 SyrBec   PLATINUM WINNER 09 SD Chld    Napa& Lodi btl $24

Trademarked marriage of Syrah & Malbec - combining the intense plum and blueberry notes - the perfect BBQ wine.

2009 Merbec   Napa & Lodi btl $24

Trademarked marriage of Syrah & Malbec - combining the intense plum and blueberry notes - the perfect BBQ wine.

2009 Syrah Shenandoah Valley (Amador) bti $29

An opaque, ruby-colored wine with tinges of purple around the edges. The nose was fairly subtle with mostly black fruit, earth, violet, leather and hints of smoke and tar. The palate is full-bodied, round and smooth with fine tannins and medium-acidity. The flavors are blackberry, plum, mocha, minerals and notes of meat and sweet spice on the medium-length finish. A big and bold wine that was enjoyable – it hit all the right Syrah notes – but it didn't make me wish I had another bottle. At 13.8% adv. this is not a wine to be taken lightly.

2008 Petit Sirah   El Dorado btl $24

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon-III    El Dorado btl $32

An amazing "Old School cab", full of berries, stone fruit & elusive pear/briar back notes. First of a series of super El Dorado Dark ruby; warm berry cobbler, cherry, caramel and alcohol aromas (slight volatile acidity?); ripe, sweet red fruit flavors, cherry, earth with well-integrated toasty oak, full body, supple, mellow, silky texture, slightly rich, viscous, good mouth feel; good balance (flabby?); soft, light to moderate tannins; somewhat quick finish. 12.5% alcohol. Although one taster thought the berry element was over-the-top (more than half remarked on it) and the varietal character is subtle, the wine has appealing mouth feel and is very nicely structured for current enjoyment. Cabs.  While the flavors at present seem rather straightforward and dull compared to the classic nose.

2009 Cabernet Franc-II   Eldorado btl $32

Did you know that Cabernet Franc is one of the parent varieties that produce the much more famous Cabernet Sauvignon? (It was paired up with the white grape Sauvignon Blanc). For reasons that aren't obvious, it was one of the many "grapes on the sidelines", but is now having a renaissance of its own. The grape produces extraordinarily blue-black clusters, usually with high fruit acid and outrageous sugar, making for powerful wines - if produced by the same techniques as with other reds. Mr. Lynch takes a very Old World detour in winemaking to produce the Cab Franc by allowing it to ferment spontaneously from what yeasts have become acclimated to the berries themselves. berries, stone fruit & elusive pear/briar back notes. First of a series of super El Dorado cabs.  The reserve 2008 is beginning to take on sherry-notes but when it goes per plan, the results are profound. We age our Cabernet Franc in top-quality oak casks for no less than 16 months, sometimes more if the vintage warrants.

2009 Primitivo   Gretz Estate- Lovall Valley btl $29

Like its closest cousin Zinfandel, a fresh wine, herbaceous, nutty, peppers, and juiciness.  Think dry+chocolate dessert at same time.

2009  Zinfandel- Reserve   Ameador- Shenandoah Valley btl $24

Long aged, long slow finish.  Its spicy-rich tone compliments spicy-rich exotic flavors.  Tannins are soft and supple.  Wonderful!

2009 Sangiovese    Alexander Valley btl $24

The Irish Monkey do everything right to bring out the very best from. The vines are totally pampered, and the best fruit is hand-picked and hand-sorted, then aged in French & American Oak. The result is a delight of personality and pure pleasure. The nose is full of sweet red cherry with notes of basil, black pepper and licorice. The palate is generous with plums, peppered strawberries and a little earth underneath. A touch of chocolate, spice, new leather and herbs linger on the palate for a long, smooth finish with just the right touch of lively acidity. This has the style and finesse that you'd expect with top Italians—with charm and character all its own. For a classic pairing, have this with pasta in a rich meat sauce with Porcini mushrooms.

2008 Touriga Nacional Lodi btl $28

An extraordinarily robust wine strongly scented of Cyprus, oleander, cedar, eucalyptus and dark green forest.  "The Finisher" best describes its remarkable character and power. 

2008 Captain’s Table –port styled wine   Lodi .375 btl $22

Extremely limited, 3-year-in-oak aged a wickedly seductive, generous cup of sweet summer fruit, tangy Touriga and time... addictive!

2010 Schmidt Olive Oil- Extra Virgin   Lodi btl $19

Partnering with an old friend, Irish Monkey is happy to carry this utterly natural, beautiful gold-green, supple & sturdy oil.  Love it!

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